HSRDC Crisis Looming – Leaders Needed

hSRDClogoThe Houston Square and Round Dance Council, Inc. [HSRDC] serves as an umbrella organization for the Square, Round, and Clogging Dance clubs in the Greater Houston, Texas area. HSRDC’s purpose is to promote, educate and encourage the art of American folk dancing within its membership and the public.

The HSRDC serves as a liaison between the Texas State Federation of Square and Round Dancers and Houston area clubs. The TSFSRD provides educational material to HSRDC and can be obtained by any member club dancer desiring same. TSFSRD also provides liability insurance and portal-to-portal coverage for accident or death for all square dancers when participating in square dancing activities.

Most dance facilities require a COI. Our COI is valid for one year and renews each year on October 1st. HSRDC member clubs can request a COI from the HSRDC for their regular dances as well as for new location for special dances.

The HSRDC needs officers in order to function.  Without a steady stream of folks stepping up and taking these leadership roles, the HSRDC could dissolve.  That would be a shame.  At the very least, it would be disruptive to insurance.  I’m sure there are lots of other things that would be impacted.  The Hoedown comes to mind.  While the Hoedown is not essential, it serves as a yearly celebration that we all enjoy.

Have you considered taking a leadership role in the HSRDC?


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