Square Dancing? I Did That in Grade School… No Thanks.

It always amazes me, the response I get in TX when I tell people I square dance. Most folks—especially in Texas—respond, “Oh yeah, I know what that is. I’ve square danced before. We had to do that in grade school. No thanks.” Growing up in VA we DIDN’T get the opportunity to learn this traditional American dance form in grade school. I was introduced to it through my parents. In the Navy, my dad was stationed all over. No matter where they went, all they had to do was locate the nearest square dance club, and they were instantly welcomed, at home, and meeting new friends. Since the basic square dance calls are standard worldwide, they could dance anywhere, whether the caller had a TX drawl or a New Yawk accent. I learned as a teen, in a young adult club that camped, danced, performed, and loved all the flourishes and western wear costumes. My folks advanced from BASIC to PLUS, and onward. They hosted dance workshops in our den, served as club officers, and loved square dancing from the time they learned in their 30s to their 80s. At their 50th anniversary party, there were more than 40 square dancers among the 200 family and friends who came to shower them with congratulations—all lifelong friends met on the dance floor. So if you danced in grade school, consider that you may not really “know all there is to know” about this wonderful dance. To learn more, check out…..

Submitted by Ann Bugh

Garland Smith: Square Dance Caller & Entertainer

Square Dancing is a great activity for any kind of social event. Square Dancing provides a synergy and team-building experience that is unlike any other activity that I know of. Garland Smith specializes in providing square dance and line dance entertainment for parties and social events. Garland uses Square Dancing, line dancing, circle mixers, contras, and other specialty dances to provide a unique party experience that will leave you with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

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